Duo Goliardi

Dimitris Kountouras, recorder
Konstantinos Raptis, concert accordion (bajan)

Duo GoliardiThe greek duo was founded in 2003 from the recorder player Dimitris Kountouras and the accordionist Konstantinos Raptis. With that particular combination of instruments, without any precedent at all, the duo is approaching a wide range of repertoire from the music of Guillaume de Machaut up to contemporary music and from historical 16th century tarantelas to Bach ‘s organ music.
The aim of the duo is on the one hand to express earlier music through a different sound perspective always faithful to the musical text and spirit (obviously with different instrumentation) and on the other hand to provide new repertoire for that combination. The Duo Goliardi has collaborated with important composers of the younger generation and premered many pieces especially written for it.
Until now the Duo appeared successfully in many concerts in Vienna, Hannover, Athens, Thessaloniki, Riga (7th International Bach Festival of Latvia) etc.